picture of a successful team

Greater value contribution for


through team coaching

The team coach allows a team
to have the conversations it needs to have
that otherwise it would not.

The reality

Especially in today’s VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) world,
teams face many challenges.

The tech sector in particular is experiencing shifts in requirements and expectations,
with ever more complex tools and deliverables,
forced to collaborate in a value-creating way
despite smaller teams and ever tighter schedules.

 Diverse teams are widespread virtual or hybrid, and inclusion is no longer an HR buzzword but a hard business requirement.

But besides that, perpetual team challenges still exist because, after all, the team is comprised of people. Do you face the challenge of members pursuing an individual instead of a collective agenda, being unwilling to address the “elephants in the room”, and attempting to hog power by hoarding information?

All that can ultimately lead to resistance to change, slow innovation, waste of effort, unaddressed quality issues and conflict with stakeholders. Not to mention a suboptimal workplace environment.


Imagine your team…

  • having clarity and alignment of purpose, vision and mission
  • working enthusiatically together towards shared goals
  •  maintaining a high level of psychological safety
  • becoming more resilient to setbacks.
  • building and nurturing the right level of collaborative relationships both within the team and across the team boundary with stakeholders.
  • having at their disposal helpful processes and systems – both internally within the team as well as crossing the team boundary to the wider eco-system, and fostering a culture of continuous process improvement.
  • managing task, process and relationship conflicts constructively, transforming conflict from a barrier into a driver of performance
  • continually leaning into learning, expanding and adapting, in order to grow and future-proof team and organization.
  • understanding, valuing and strengthening the contribution of each team member in a collective team culture that retains personal authenticity.
  • and, last but not least, co-creating and supporting a leadership that works for the team

Imagine your team… in synergy… performant… engaged…

Team Coaching

Here are some typical situations where team coaching can be valuable:

  • A new team is being formed and needs to find its bearings quickly.
  • A new team leader takes over or the team is restructured.
  • A team leader and the team members agree that their existing team needs to figure out how to work more effectively together.
  • A long-established team is stuck in a rut and no longer pushing learning, growth and innovation.
  • A high-value-creating top!team wants to do even better.


"What team coaching can do in all these cases is to re-energise, refocus and create collective habits of success."

Effective solutions lie in the interplay of the system of systems that makes up the environment the team exists in. Control is often less attainable in these progressively complex environments, and attention is given to adapting to ever-changing relationships, expectations and support of stakeholders. That is the basis of the work we do as team coaches utilizing a systemic, complex-adaptive team coaching approach.


Team coaching is best done by a pair of co-coaches.

I collaborate with other experienced team coaches.

Combining our expertise and experience, we are able to observe, understand and engage the team more fully and drive faster results.

Through the availability of us co-coaching professionals, your team will be able to leverage the abilities and passion of their very own coaching team .

A fully custom-tailored coaching engagement 

We provide what you and your team needs, when they need it, with the flexibility to adjust along the way.

Let’s start with a conversation about your challenges, needs and desires.
We’ll figure out if team coaching is a viable option for your team, and whether or not we’re a good fit.

leadership conceptual image

Are you a team lead?

Instead of exploring team coaching in the immediate, you may be wondering if for instance 1-on-1 coaching might be the most beneficial in your particular case right now. Because yes, different interventions can have merit at different moments in time. Let’s start a  focused conversation, controlled by direction and intent, designed to help you figure out what makes the most sense to make you top!leader of a future top!team.

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