Gain Clarity.

Find Meaning.

Uplevel your Success.

In my coaching philosophy, coaching is by its very nature custom, tailor-made, your-coaching-the-way-you-need-it.

If you are looking for a “12 steps to happiness” or “6 steps to leadership success”  program, you came to the wrong place. You won’t find one-size-fits-all coaching here.

Our coaching engagement – whether individual or team coaching – is going to be truly custom, one-of-a-kind tailor-made for YOU. There won’t be any fitting you into a template-based program or bending you around a set of rules based on “average”.

Are you ready to move from good to great to extraordinary?

Now is the time to

…become top!version of yourself.

…lead a top!team.

…have organizational top!impact.

…be top!you – at work and at home.

Great leaders understand the benefit of having coaches. Kings throughout history had their trusted thinking partners by their side, on the throne or in battle. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins have/had their own coaches. Even mafia bosses don’t go without their consiglieri! So why not you? And because you are unique, so should be your coach’s approach.

"Everyone needs a coach."

1-1 and team coaching

do it motivation

Individual coaching allows for focused, transformational conversations dedicated to upleveling your success. 

For individuals, leaders and entrepreneurs.

team motivation

Team coaching is partnering with a team in an on-going relationship, in order to raise collective awareness and nurture connections in the team’s internal and external systems. This builds the team’s resilience to face current and future challenges.

Claudia Cimenti portrait
Hi I’m Claudia, and I want to be your coach. You decide on the system we’re going to talk about: You. Your team. Your organization. As your coach, I want to be your catalyst and enabler as you journey towards realizing your potential and maximizing your impact. My job is to provide you (and/or your team) with a safe space where you can take an honest look at yourself, evaluate and self-reflect. I’ll hold the space as you ponder, discern and strategize for the future.

Coaching is about you. Your solutions… your success… your way.

As needed, I’ll act as your mountain guide, co-pilot, thinking partner, mirror, devil’s advocate or sparring partner. Sometimes I’ll be the shoulder you cry on. I’ll be the one holding you accountable. But most of all, I’ll be your steadfast #1 fan as you make the best version of yourself or your team a reality, as you proceed on your journey to become the best possible  top!you

“I can help with that!”

When working one-on-one, rather than a pure business coach, I consider myself

“the business person’s personal coach” 

– helping you within the varied ecosystem of your life, where you have to manage challenges and demands about yourself, your team, your business, and your overall life.

Leadership is producing results through people, and leadership starts with you. As a team coach, I take a co-creative, systemic approach.

Location. Location. Location.


We meet for in-person meetings.

Your office or mine.

Sometimes, for a walk.


We meet for an online videoconference.

Modern flexibility and convenience.

Anywhere in the world.


Sometimes in-person.

Sometimes online.

The best of both worlds.