Gain Clarity.

Find Meaning.

Uplevel your Success.

You are an leader or executive. You are successful. You work hard. And yet…

  • the competencies, tools and strategies that got you “here” don’t seem to be able to get you “there” – to more effective leadership, the next level up in terms of strategic impact on your team and organization, the next promotion…
  • you’re not quite the leader you know you could or should be, and have trouble understanding and leading your team
  • the weight of responsibility at times feels too heavy
  •  your strategy seems to get lost in the chaotic busy-ness of everyday urgency
  • you somehow don’t get the satisfaction of true achievement or contribution in your work and life, and you don’t seem to keep yourself accountable
  • your life seems out of balance and you’ve all but forgotten your dreams

I can help with that!

Are you ready to move from good to great to extraordinary?

Now is the time to become top!version of yourself.

Lead a top!team.

Have organizational top!impact.

Be top!you – at work and at home.

Claudia Cimenti portrait

Hi I’m Claudia, and I want to be your coach.

As your coach, I want to be your catalyst and enabler you need to realize your potential on the journey towards your success (however you define it).

My job is to provide you with a safe space where you can take an honest look at yourself, evaluate and self-reflect. I’ll hold the space as you ponder, discern and strategize for the future.

Coaching is about you.

As needed, I’ll act as your mountain guide, co-pilot, sparring partner, mirror, or devil’s advocate. Sometimes I’ll be the shoulder you cry on. I’ll be the one holding you accountable. But most of all, I’ll be your steadfast #1 fan as you make the best version of yourself or your team a reality, as you proceed on your journey to become the best possible  top!you

“I can help with that!”

When working one-on-one, rather than a pure business coach, I consider myself

“the business person’s personal coach” 

– helping you within the varied ecosystem of your life, where you have to manage challenges and demands about yourself, your team, your business, and your overall life. 

Leadership is producing results through people, and leadership starts with you.

As a team coach, I take a co-creative, systemic approach.

Location. Location. Location.


We meet for in-person meetings.

Your office or mine.

Sometimes, for a walk.


We meet for an online videoconference.

Modern flexibility and convenience.

Anywhere in the world.


Sometimes in-person.

Sometimes online.

The best of both worlds.

do it motivation

Individual coaching allows for focused, transformational conversations dedicated to upleveling your success. 

team motivation

Team coaching is partnering with a team in an on-going relationship, in order to raise collective awareness and nurture connections in the team’s internal and external systems. This builds the team’s resilience to face current and future challenges.