Claudia Cimenti portrait

Individual coaching...

where you are

the HERO

of the story.

You are an individual, leader or executive. You are successful. You work hard. And yet…

  • the competencies, tools and strategies that got you “here” don’t seem to be able to get you “there” – to more effective leadership, the next level up in terms of strategic impact on your team and organization, the next promotion…
  • you’re not quite the leader you know you could or should be, and have trouble understanding and leading your team
  • the weight of responsibility at times feels too heavy
  •  your strategy seems to get lost in the chaotic busy-ness of everyday urgency
  • you somehow don’t get the satisfaction of true achievement or contribution in your work and life, and you don’t seem to keep yourself accountable
  • your life seems out of balance and you’ve all but forgotten your dreams

“I can help with that!” 

Let's talk!

Let’s start a  focused conversation, controlled by direction and positive intent, designed to help you become the top!version of yourself.

Private coaching is an adult, professional, authentic discourse on the various crucial aspects of your life’s ecosystem.

Coaching means a space and a time… just for you!
It is my job to create – and hold – that space for you.

We meet for a conversation.

I am there to listen… understand… guide… without judgment.
This time and space is yours to reflect, dream, decide and plan.
The goal is for you to gain clarity and find meaning, to make thoughtful and important decisions about your life.
Action follows thought.

"Take stock. Envision. Transform. Persevere."

I am "the business person's personal coach"

I am your catalyst and enabler, as you continue on your journey to becoming top!you.

Depending on the situation, I act as your
mountain guide,
thinking partner,
sounding board,
sparring partner,
devil’s advocate
whilst always remaining your
number one fan.

You exist in your own individual ecosystem – you, your team, your company, your family, and the varied networks of your overall life. As your coach, I accompany you as you navigate its complexities.

When you need to take charge of your career, let’s talk career. When you are troubled about how to lead your team or future-proof the strategy for your business, let’s chat about that. When you lay bare your most intimate fears and concerns, I’ll be there to listen. Family? Yes, absolutely.

Our coaching conversation is going to be truly custom, one-of-a-kind tailor-made for YOU. No one-size-fits-all “6 steps to success”, no fitting you into a framework or bending you around a set of rules based on “average”.

Let’s have a conversation about it all. Life does not fit into tidy little labeled boxes.

Coaching, much as life, will depend on you, your journey and expectations. It will be as unique as you. You are the hero of this story, and I your trusted companion. I don’t carry you, but you are not alone as you determine and walk your own path.

Much like a trusted caddy in a game of golf, I accompany you and hand you the right tool at the right time, as you navigate around water hazards, emerge from bunkers and finally make it to the green. No need to navigate it by yourself. In life, as in golf, holes-in-one are rare indeed.

"Gain clarity. Find meaning. Uplevel your success."

Go ahead and build your top!life… From silence to intensity, I can support you.

The ideal coaching client

As the ideal coaching candidate, you are:

open to a new experience

top!growth requies you to reflect, to dig deep, to face yourself, and at times to jump over your own shadow.
This hinges on you being honest with yourself and sharing openly with your coach.
Don't fret - I will be with you every step of the way.

willing to work hard

To transform and bring about your top!life, it requires effort beyond bursts of high-intensity "Aha! moments".
It is the fruit of accountability to self, and sustained, long-term, steady effort.
Together, we can make it happen.

willing to invest in yourself

To become the top!lversion of yourself, it will require time, effort, commitment and resources.
That's what it really takes.
Give yourself permission - it won't be in vain!

Intelligent Leadership - executive coaching with more structure

Some executive and leadership clients in an organizational context often require more structure to the coaching process. Just for that, I am versed in some frameworks and tools for just that occasion.

I am a Intelligent Leadership Executive Coach, certified by the renowned executive coach John Mattone himself, author of “Intelligent Leadership” and “The intelligent Leader”.

The IL process offers a number of assessments and tools and a more structured methodology to help you on your journey to more leadership and organizational impact.

Intelligent Leadership Pillars
the wheel of Intelligent Leadership

Intelligent Leadership is a well-established, proven methodology that will ensure major measurable results.

Note: Depending on your needs, we can utilize all or only some of the models, tools and assessments of this framework. But even if they lend some structure to an engagement, I am staying true to my philosophy of being “the coach you need”.

how we can meet

in person

We can meet in-person in the greater Luxembourg area.

For intensive in-person get-togethers, travel can be considered.

online via Zoom

We connect via videoconference.

Flexible meetings from the comfort of your own home.


We switch up in-person and online meetings in the most beneficial configuration.

The best of both worlds!

ready to get started ?

Now it’s up to you to take the first step.

Please reach out to schedule a virtual coffee chat where we can get to know each other, explore our options and answer any questions you may have.