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Hi, I am Claudia Cimenti, your top!coach

… helping you help yourself on your journey to personal and organizational top!success

… helping your team achieve true collaborative value-creation as a performant top!team

the journey

I believe (and so I have been told) that I embodied coaching principles in my life long before I started to formally dedicate myself to the art and science of coaching.

I did not start out as a professional coach. After graduating with degrees in engineering and mathematics, I immersed myself in a very satisfying career as a computer engineer for major corporations. I left the “cubicle engineering” world behind for the more interactive world of consulting engineering.

Eventually my company invited me to become an account manager, overseeing high-tech high-ticket corporate sales. The complex sales cycle could span up to a year with clients such as Alcatel, Cisco, Lucent and Intel in the Eastern USA and Eastern Canada. I loved that job! It allowed me to interface with all levels of the client organization, as – together with my engineering team – we deployed solutions on projects and streamlined hardware verification methodology. The goal was always to deliver true positive impact for both my company as well as our clients.

Unfortunately, my health took a downturn and I was too sick to work for a very long time. But as they say in tech “it isn’t a bug, it’s a feature!”: this experience taught me invaluable lessons in terms of mindset, resilience, strength in vulnerability, gratitude, future-orientedness and more.

Thankfully, new diagnoses and medications “revived” me in 2018, at which time I immediately embarked on my formal coaching education journey. Finally, finally!, I was on the road to becoming a professional coach.

I established my coaching practice in Luxembourg in 2022.

All experiences, challenges and endeavors fueled this passion and led to this career at this moment in time.

"It isn't too late... You're still breathing!"

life experiences in a nutshell

I lived in 5 countries on 2 continents. I studied in 4 countries, in 3 languages (I speak 4 1/2). My university degrees are in engineering and mathematics. I worked for big corporate companies and start-ups that went IPO. I became chronically ill and lost my career. I started a couple small business endeavors. After 20 years in the USA my husband and I (and our cat) moved back to Europe to start a new life and take care of my elderly father. I figured out how to manage my health concerns and energy levels. I have been together with my husband for nearly 30 years.

Some aspects of this weren’t easy. When challenges happened I never stopped trying. I never stopped learning. I never gave up. And now my life experiences are put to service for the people I coach.

Coaching is a huge part of what gives my life meaning. I really believe to continuously do what I state my tag line:

"Take stock. Envision. Transform. Persevere."

always learning

Every day I thrive to become a better and better coach, to learn the theory, to practice the techniques, to cultivate my coaching mindset. I discuss coaching topics nearly daily in peer groups and deliberate coaching practice groups (some of which I started and facilitate), practice self-reflection and avail myself of professional supervision.

As far as my coaching education is concerned, here some highlights:

I am EMCC EIA accredited as an individual Coaching Practitioner.

I started out with numerous coaching courses in English: Life Coaching, NLP Practitioner/Master, Non-Violent Communication, etc.

In 2019, I completed a professional masters-level European coaching degree in Paris, France (Coach Consultant Professionel Certifié, RNCP niveau 7 (Bac+5), EMCC accredited) as well as a specialization in Organizational Coaching and Team Coaching (Coaching en Entreprise et Coaching d’Équipe), in French.

This was followed by a psychological counseling and business coaching (Psychologischer Berater und Business Coach) certification in Germany, in German.

Since 2021 I have been pursuing dedicated training in team coaching through the Team Coaching Practitioner Certification through the Global Team Coaching Institute, from the USA, in English, currently under the tutelage of Prof. David Clutterbuck. I am already a Team Coaching Foundations Certified Coach (GTCI, under the tutelage of Profs. Peter Hawkins and David Clutterbuck).

I am ITCA accredited as a Team Coaching Practitioner with the EMCC.

I am an ICQ Global licensed partner and was certified both in GlobalDISC and GrowthZone by Csaba Toth.

I am an Intelligent Leadership Executive Coach, taught by John Mattone himself.

For the complete, most up-to-date list of education and licenses, please visit my Linkedin profile.

outside of work

It’s not all work and no play however… (even though coaching does hardly feel like “work” most of the time!)

I love playing classical music the piano. I’d have trouble picking my favorite composer among Bach, Beethoven, Schubert and Chopin, and more. My favorite instrument is my vintage 1909 Steinway & Sons grand piano I acquired in Ottawa, Canada, and moved when we returned to Luxembourg from Boston, USA. It has a lovely sound and the original antique ivory keys.

I also adore photography (so much so that I would have liked opening a professional photo studio, but that is not possible in Luxembourg). It is the perfect blend of technology and art. I have photographed a large number of events, but my heart is in studio portraiture. I have a full photo studio setup at my home. Let me know if you need a headshot or portrait! No big surprise, my favorite subjects are people.

I am the difference

What makes me different from other coaches? It’s me! The way that I care, how we communicate and relate, the way I select one coaching methodology or tool over another, the way I collaborate with competent team co-coaches I can bring in if appropriate.

In the end it’s the way I provide you and/or your team the safe space you need to reflect, strategize and grow. It’s the rapport we build that will allow you to focus and me to candidly hold you accountable. I am an analytical, big-picture people person who is dedicated to your success.

As a coach I am more than a set of skills. I am a dedicated-to-you person with a coaching skillset in personal and collective transformation. I hope we’ll have the chance to work together!

Volunteering on the board of EMCC Luxembourg

I started volunteering for the Luxembourg Chapter of EMCC Global in 2023. I was first invited to join the Board as a Special Invitee with the express goal to overhaul technologies used and streamline processes. It is my distinct honor to serve the coaching community as part of this organization.

I also volunteer as a leadership coach for the Let’s Talk Leadership initiative and support young leaders in humanitarian non-profit organizations in different parts of the world.

I abide by the EMCC Global Code of Ethics