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Shaping the future of work

You are trying to bring about the future of work in your team or company.
Where do you start? Nothing is scarier as staring at a blank canvas.

Maybe you suspect that you will need to bring in external team coaches to strengthen the company culture or increase value-contribution of your teams.
Even there, how can you be sure you are on the right path?

You can’t easily control what you cannot measure.

It makes sense to use an evidence-based diagnostic or assessment to guide custom coaching engagements, as well as program design and delivery.

And then follow it up with a proven methodology to bridge the gaps and build the foundation your team and organization needs to grow into the future.

Enter GlobalDISC™

You need effective leadership strategies that bridge the gap between vision and results, dreams and reality.

As businesses and organizational leaders attempt to realize their potential for growth and excellence, we can leverage the power of the GlobalDISC assessment instrument which has been tested and scientifically proven for validity and realiability. It will point towards areas to focus on which will streamline our efforts and allow for maximum benefit from any culture adjustments or coaching program.

Indeed, GlobalDISC helps you to make sense of why people think, act and feel so differently, so you can unlock the potential within and between them. Global DISC measures individual preferences based on cultural orientation and personality type. It also measures the cognitive diversity index of a team or group to reveal blind spots.

It incorporates the latest thinking about 
cross-cultural communication.

After all, people are the greatest asset or liability depending on how much they understand themselves and others.
Companies spend a fortune on recruitment and employee engagement program, yet they are struggling to attract new talent and keep their best people.

60-80% of all problems in a company are due to clash of values, personalities and leadership challenges.

Growth Zone 3 invisible forces

Global DISC allows you to
measure and visualize
3 invisible forces that
make or break
a team or organization:

👉 psychological safety 👈
👉 motivational drive 👈
👉 cognitive diversity 👈


I invite you to work together on using the innovative, accredited and endorsed ICQ Global solutions rooted in science, driven by data, and proven by results, to open the door to optimize – together – your very own custom approach.

Move far beyong the simple personality type

Standard DISC, MBTI and other psychometric models explain what personality types are and how people tend to behave if they are not influenced by their cultural background and others around them.

Intercultural models focus on statistically average values of different nationalities and maybe generations. But ask yourself – to what degree is the individual you’re considering “statistically average”? Indeed, 80% of cultural differences are within countries, and we all belong to 15-20 cultural groups at once.

GlobalDISC is an ICF accredited, multi award-winning coaching solution for unlocking potential within and between people by leveraging individual and group mindset.

It introduces the topic of cultural intelligence (ICQ) using the language of the most widely used behavioural model, DISC. It explains WHAT, HOW and WHY people think and behave so differently and how to turn their diversity into synergy.

Global DISC not only addresses individual capacity, blind spots and self sabotage; but also the group diversity, blind spots and the interaction gap.

GlobalDISC measures individual preferences based on cultural orientation and personality type.

It also measures the cognitive diversity index of a team or group to reveal their blind spot.

Global DISC is the only instrument created in the 21st century. It has been successfully deployed in Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and the European Parliament, universities, as well as local and global businesses in 42 countries.

What leaders need to be taught to prepare for the future

Jacob Morgan interviewed 140 top CEOs in his book “The future leader,” asking them “what we should be teaching leaders now to prepare for the future?”.

The results were clear: next to the (rather expected) technology, the answers included: global mindset, inclusion, team work, a growth mindset. Innovation and communication, as well as self-awareness and coaching rounded out the list.

How are you preparing for this?

As you can see, 8 out of the 9 most critical skills and mindsets we should be teaching leaders now to prepare for the future are directly linked to cultural intelligence (ICQ), and these are effectively measured by GlobalDISC.

Global mindset is the capability of seeing a situation from different perspectives
to able make better decisions and choose to respond instead of just reacting.

Personality determines how we want to behave, culture determines how we should behave.
The WHY is responsible for our behaviour, decision making and our feelings.

The foundation of GlobalDISC is
the ability to RECOGNIZE and UNDERSTAND how cultural differences influence behaviour.

The deployment of the ICQ methodology and programs level up individual and team performance within and between people across all cultures and personalities. This directly impacts self-awareness, cultural intelligence, leadership development, cognitive diversity and inclusion in your organization, facilitating high-performing and value-creating teams, change management as well as sales and customer service. 

Isn’t it time to future-proof the human element of your company today?

top!coach is an ICQ Global licensed partner

top!coach luxembourg is the first ICQ Global licensed partner in Luxembourg.

We offer the GlobalDISC assessment and, if appropriate, subsequent workshops and (individual and/or team) coaching in-person in the greater Luxembourg area.

All assessments and programs are also available online to the world at large.

top!coach Claudia has been certified in the ICF-accredited GlobalDISC and GrowthZone tools and methodologies.